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Sinbad el Amante Suave (“Sinbad the Suave Lover”) of Pinkerton Cotons is a health passed certified mCTCA Code of Ethics stud dog of the rare, original Madagascar Coton de Tulear breed. Sinbad lives in Prescott, AZ. He is available to health passed and registered mCTCA females. Sinbad is intelligent, has a beautiful disposition, a fun loving personality and is very affectionate.

• Height 11”
• Length 13-1/2”
• Weight 15 lbs.
• DOB: November 8, 2011
• Color: Black and White
• mCTCA No. 3380
• Sire: Columbia Gorge’s Wolf of Dodgeville Cotons
• Dame: Columbia Gorge’s Wind Junki of Vista Ridge Cotons

The Madagascar Coton de Tulear breed was developed over centuries on the island of Madagascar as a small, intelligent, engaging, muscular, laid-back companion class dog. The Malagasy Coton can only be found through Madagascar Coton de Tulear Club of America Code of Ethics Breeders. Please visit the official Coton de Tulear Club of America web page for more information.

Please contact Jeannine of Pinkerton Cotons for more information. Phone: 310-325-3702